Fish Food

Fish Food

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Hi All, welcome back to our blog – Fish Food.

I read a great story the other day……
“There are two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an elder fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, ‘Morning young fish. How’s the water today?’ And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes,
‘What the hell is water?'”

The world we live in is exactly the same, we live in an unconscious state around what our real world actually is.
We do not question the mechanism of life too deeply.
We certainly do not think about the impacts on our own actions on the rest of the world unless it affects us or our family directly.
So you could say we are predominantly asleep.

Why does this matter?

  • If you are predominantly asleep you may be living with a level of hopelessness, helplessness, a feeling of lack, depression or a sadness that you cannot quantify .

You may get that inner feeling that you are sitting on the sidelines of your own life

  • If you flip in and out of consciousness then you may feel restless, unhappy, dissatisfied with your life , stuck, anxious or stressed (on a continual basis rather than as an impact of a world event) then you are not fully conscious.

You may get a deep sense that something you cannot quite grasp just out of your reach.

If you are not fully conscious then you may believe that if you had that pay rise, that better car, the bigger house, the bits that you envy in others lives then life would be perfect.
That is why it matters. Because if you are not fully conscious then you are not fully free.
Can you see how we imprison ourselves with these things.

If you do not have full consciousness then it is impossible to have true freedom.

How do we gain true freedom?

I believe it is by really showing up and being present.
There is NO better time than now to really look at your life and take some space to evaluate what is needed for your own freedom. Some of the things that can help you;

  • Being mindful in your daily practices.
  • Meditate morning, noon and evening. It only needs to be a few minutes for self care.
  • Letting go of judging others. We are all different. Being aware that we are all evolving and learning.
  • Letting go of judging yourself against any external factors.
  • Not being in competition with yourself. When you do your best that is enough.
  • Being grateful for all that you have. Your life.
  • Being of service. Putting others before yourself without reward.

Practice Meditation – Fish Food

I also believe that when we practice meditation if we can take a little of that time to expand ourselves to intent for others to be safe, healthy and well then this is being of service.
Believe me i know, i have been in the place of believing that more stuff will make me happier.

I have been addicted to wanting more stuff, needing more things, wanting highs and using things to give me false and unsustainable pleasure highs.

I also know what it is like to now be ‘mostly’ free. I say mostly because I also know that every day is a school day and every single one of us (unless we are enlightened Buddhas ) has human attachments. I also know that the daily practice is the key to freedom.

Please join me i am hosting free zoom mediations during this difficult time . Just e mail me for a link and password.

Thank you for reading.
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