Are you in love with life ?

Are you in love with life?

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Are you in love with life ? Hi All, welcome back to our blog – Are you in love with life?

Whether we are in love with another person or in love with life the energy created is the same.
You know that feeling when you first met your soul mate , that delicious feeling it sparked within your body , your heart.
You know that feeling when you were small and you used to get so excited waiting for that trip to the beach.
You know that feeling when you get a shiny new toy (Car , Phone , Handbag etc choose your lifestyle choice).

Well for most of us it wears off over time unless we create mindful practices.

Why does this matter?

Because when the honeymoon period of being in love with anything wears off we humans tend to take things for granted. We take life for granted.
So the bio-chemical process that is generated from the love of life (or not ) activates within every single cell within your body.
Our perception of our life may have a more powerful influence on our health than drugs according to research.
It is possible that the perception of our environment is responsible or our body’s health 90% of the time.
Practice cultivating love for life.
If that feels too impossible right now then try to focus on it more globally and practice cultivating the energy of love for the world.

Try some of these affirmations below to help you , or use a meditation;

  • I am becoming more aware of a shift within me.
  • I am starting to notice a gratitude blossoming within me.
  • I am grateful for what i can see, hear, smell , touch and experience.
  • I am noticing a more intense Love for our beautiful earth.
  • I send love from my heart out into the universe.
  • I send hope from my heart out to those who may need it.
  • My heart is grateful for my life.
  • The world is changing and i deeply wish to be a ripple of the energy that creates a way forward .
  • I choose to act peacefully within the world.
  • I choose to have compassion , especially for what i do not understand.
  • I feel love flow all around the world.
  • I release anger , blame and judgement.
  • I smile and send love to everyone i meet.
  • I love my planet and i choose to honour and respect it.
  • I accept what i understand, i accept what i do not understand.

Thank you for reading.

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