healing grief

Healing Unprocessed Grief

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healing griefHi All, welcome back to our blog – Healing Unprocessed Grief

According to the Kubler -Ross model of grief there are 5 stages. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Firstly let us understand that this what is in the collective ‘field’ at the moment. Unprocessed grief at what is happening around us.
Why ?
The world that we live in has been slowly changing, however in our everyday lives we do not notice it.
It is only when we reach the ‘tipping point’ within an event or a point in time that we begin to see what was right under our noses all along.
Then suddenly it feels like such an enormous thing. Something that consumes us and affects every single avenue and corner of our lives.
When we go through the tipping point in any event it can have a huge impact on our emotions. Some of those emotions we can identify (such as fear, stress, anxiety, unbalance).
However at the root of all of our emotions is unprocessed grief.

We need to bring forward this unprocessed grief in order to heal it – Healing Unprocessed Grief

When unprocessed grief is not given a space then it stays within your own energy field and will magnify all of those other unbalanced feelings you may have.

  • Can you notice where you are as an overall right now ;
    Denial – Involves not changing and adapting, carrying on as normal, disassociation . the feeling that it cannot really be happing.
  • Anger – Either at those around you or at the situation in general. Explosive outbursts or a sense of unjust, frustration or feeling trapped. Taking things out on others or becomming a keyboard warrior.
  • Bargaining – Now in this particular grief scenario (in my humble opinion) bargaining slightly differs…..or maybe im writing this in the bargaining stage ?! Anyway you decide what feels right for your own views. Bargaining offers that if things are made right you offer to change ways, its the if only model (where looking at the past is unhealthy as its done) . it may look at a higher power for help.
  • Depression – The loss of fight, the giving in, the idea that there can only be one outcome. This can be a power loss of energy and a giving in. If and when you are at this stage then give EVEN MORE self care as i believe this is the point of metamorphosis.
  • Acceptance – This is the point where we can honestly look at the new reality. We can see a way forward that was hidden before. We can see the light. Even when it is not all ok, we know that is a small part of a big picture.


Going through and understanding the grief process will bring you to acceptance .
This acceptance will allow you to adjust better to a new environment .

It will help you find balance and emotional or existential resilience.

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Thank you for reading.
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