is it really meant to be this way?

Is it really meant to be this way?

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is it really meant to be this way?Hi All, welcome back to our blog – Have you ever taken a moment to think – is it really meant to be this way?

Is it really meant to be this way?’

The way we live i mean.
The competitive ‘I win / you lose’ way of being.
The separation , division, the struggles as we all try to do it alone.
The way we need to prove a wrong in another to be right.

Is it really meant to be this way? Take a moment to think

Somewhere along the ancestral belief pool we inherited, the patterns within our genes have formed us into self contained entities.

And so we struggle.

We took the Darwinian theory ‘survival of the fittest’ into that self contained entity.

In other species from a virus to flocks of migrating birds they use the survival of the fittest and use that collective intelligence to benefit the WHOLE.
It works.

The truth of it is that we are not born to compete, we are born to connect.

When we connect, we belong.

When we belong it is the most powerful healing tool there is.

Did you know that joining a group can cut the risk of dying by up to 50%!

How amazing is that.

Now that body of evidence didn’t elaborate on the group, however it makes sense that as our emotions are magnetic and our thoughts are electrical that the better the energy of the group the better the overall health benefits.

So in my humble opinion if your group energies are about , bitching, ridiculing (even people you do not know like celebrities etc) , hard line opinions, preacher mentality , tell and listen to me ego or anything else that you do not want to ripple into your field then really consider who you are riding shotgun with dear ones.

Now is the time as we are emerging into the new decade of ‘we are’ to connect.

Now is the time as you have time and resources at your fingertips to take a breath and consider what you want from your future and who is healthy for you within that future.
Thank you for reading.

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