Are you OK ?

Are you OK?

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Are you OK ? Hi All, welcome back to our blog – Are you OK?



How are you getting along right now?



We all have a very different version of perceptions, emotions at this time. we are not all O.K.
For some you may be enjoying the space and time, whilst others they may feel confined and that time and freedom has been taken away.
For some you may see opportunities, whilst for others you may only be able to see the limitations.
For some of you you may really need a hug or social connection, whilst for others this may be what you secretly enjoy more than social awkwardness.

We all have different needs and we are all unique. What may be a holiday for one , may be a nightmare for another.

If you are breezing through this then great that this time suits or serves you in some way.
However, there are many more people that this is not ok for.

HOW can you be of service.

Use this time to reach out and support those who are fearful, anxious, stressed. What can you offer from your place of balance.
There will be other times in your life that you are not balanced and may need support but for now you can GIVE it.
For those of you who are struggling then i am running some free meditation zoom groups. you are welcome to join. E mail me and i will send you a zoom link.
These are practical grounding techniques and exercises from my therapies learned over the years. It is really important to be present right now and when we are fearful we struggle to stay present.

A few tips for your daily schedule to keep you on track – Are you OK?;

  1. Try to create separation in your home if you can. if possible have a separate place that you work, eat, meditate and switch off etc. Creating boundaries within your home really helps you feel less cluttered in your mind.
  2. Plan a schedule if you need to. Have a work week focus and ensure you schedule breaks away from that schedule in too.
  3. Clear the clutter. What are you working in ? If you have shoe horned yourself into the laundry room then chances are that you will feel cluttered and disorganised. Make your working space tidy and bring something lovely in to it a small plant or crystal.
  4. Exercise every day – small bitesize chunks . 10 minute walks 2-3 times a day will give you a boost of nature, vitamin D and reground you.
  5. Have your mid morning coffee in the garden or can you step out. As above get a little boost of fresh.
  6. Take this time to reevaluate your business or your working profile. now you have a bit of distance can you see what to remove, what is holding you back and what you have been holding onto that isn’t really serving you.
  7. Take this time to do the same and look at inspirations, brainstorm new ideas and how your business can evolve in the new world. Things will be different and what can you learn and grow from this space. Ho can you build your talents.
  8. Keep connected , speak to family friends and make sure you have interactions daily. Ideally zoom, facetime etc if you can . Seeing another human is far more beneficial for us than the text.
  9. Meditate daily. it is so important to ground and be present during difficult times. When we are running past or future downloads through our brains we are wasting valuable brain power. Fear , stress and anxiety stops us thinking smart.
  10. Think of what you wanted time for before you were forced into it. Are you using it in the way you could be ?

Thank you for reading.

If you would like any more information about how Shamanic Healing, Life Coaching, E.F.T / Matrix Re-Imprinting , or any of my other work can help you , then please do contact me.

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Check out my webpage for discounted offers to help you during these difficult times.