Water is programmable

Water is programmable

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Water is programmable Hi All, welcome back to our blog – Did you know that water is programmable?

We can look at this from two different schools of thought.

  1. Firstly let us look at this from the world of science and technology.

    We already know that research is underway to develop a technology that transforms water droplets into programmable, interactive tools for entertainment and communication.

  2. Secondly just one example from the world of spiritual science or a more philosophical science.

Many of you already know if you have worked with me about the work of Dr Emoto and his water experiments.

Dr Emoto’s experiments showed us how water changes shape when programmed with emotional energies and their charged frequencies. The low vibrational frequencies caused mutations, disfigurements and lack of ordered crystalline structure or homeostatic flow.

So if we now look at the practicalities within our own landscape of the human body.

We know that we are roughly 70% water (which by the way is equal to earths water content too).

So if water is programmable then it makes complete and total sense that we are programming the water within our own landscape.

The question is WHAT are we programming into our body?

A really simple technique we can use is to programme our water with positive intentions.

If you do this before every glass of water that you drink you are programming it with the intention to keep you well , to benefit your body and to create a positive energy within your landscape.

Do a little mediation or just a minute of mindfulness, set your programme into the water.

  • My intention is for this water to be pure.

  • My intention is for this water to revive me.

  • My intention is that this water is filled with love.

  • My intention is that this water will keep me healthy and well in every way.

Our thought programme the water within the body too, so this is a deeper layer to the above. So every day think about what you are choosing to programme into your body. Think about why you are holding onto negative emotions and what will it take to release from your body and your mind.

Have you ever heard the Buddha quote:

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”

Thank you for reading.

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