Soul Journey Work

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Soul Journey WorkHi All, welcome back to our blog – this week Soul Journey Work.

When we are in the midst of a difficult time within our own lives we often cannot see the teachings, gifts or transformational opportunities that we are being given.

Even after the difficulties have passed we often do not take time to witness the positive aspects that have been given to us as we often stay stuck in our stories.

It is not uncommon for people to spend the remainder of their lives stuck in their stories.

Spiritually any process of deep transformation is aligning us to our life purpose and growth. Of course the effects of this change can be powerful and will effect us to the core of our being.

If we can accept these spiritual growing pains as we shed our old skins , old beliefs, old ways and that which is not serving our life purpose then the transformation and the growth brings you to a different level of wholeness.

If we work on transformation and growth within our lives as a spiritual practice then it is less likely that we will be faced with what the universe ‘forces’ us into. This is practicing pro active soul journey work rather than reactive soul journey work.

Soul Journey WorkLooking at your own life and seeing what is stuck and stagnating is a good starting point. Using tools that can start to get you thinking about this process in a creative way can be helpful .

Here are a few things that may start to help you get your creative juices flowing ;

  • Get a journal for this work and note all thoughts , ideas and reflections in this.
  • Look at photos of your younger self, ask her / him what would bring more happiness into their life if they could choose. What would they keep and what would they choose if there were no repercussions, fears and limitations.
  • Journal shadow work with your present day self. What shadow emotions is your present self playing and where are they showing up. Think about these honestly ; Fear, Anger, Selfishness, Anxiety, Depression, Bragging , Pride, Jealousy, Violence etc and see where they are manifesting.
  • Meditation on things that transform from one thing to another and back to whole i find helpful in getting me creative juices flowing. For example meditation on moon phases ,tide phases , water solidifying / melting, nature cycles etc all helpful.
  • Using art as a creative expression in a similar way can help too.

This is just a blog to get you started , have fun and be honest.

Thank you for reading.

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