Higher Heart Activation

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HIGHER HEART CHAKRA Hi All, welcome back to our blog – Higher Heart Activation.

According to Heart Math Institute the heart was reclassified as part of the hormonal system in 1983.
How fascinating is this body of information based on where we are in our human ascension . Especially, as we enter into the time of higher heart activation. If you have been doing this work for some time you will be aware of a similar shift in awareness. The Thymus Chakra was reclassified if you will, as one of the main Chakras. Healers have really noticed the substantial gear shift in the last few years.  . 

  • The 7 main glands of the endocrine system are connected to the 7 main Chakras. 
  • Thymus Chakra it is now emerging that it is a main Chakra. The last few years have been key for field work as for the higher heart. Whether that means opening, or in need of healing or clearing. 

The Thymus Chakra is also called the Higher Heart chakra. Until a few years ago we were led to believe that the thymus gland (which is part of the hormonal or endocrine system ) was a childhood gland to develop immunity and its role was complete and it deactivated by puberty. This seems not to be the case. It seems it can in fact be reactivated. 
The natural immune response of the body can be suppressed by two things. Vaccination or dormancy.

How does this work ?

  • Dormancy – So for example if we over sterilise everything then the thymus doesn’t get the opportunity to develop an appropriate immune response to pathogens. Over time this makes it lazy or confused and its dormancy leads to deactivation.
  • Vaccination – When we give the body a vaccination then it may not allow proper T cell response to activate within the body. This means that immune memory is not developed and over time this leads to deactivation. 
    The W.H.O actually state “To generate vaccine-mediated protection is a complex challenge. Currently available vaccines have largely been developed empirically, with little or no understanding of how they activate the immune system”  this is directly off their website.
    I would add to this that the vaccination may be the saviour if there is ONLY the choice of death or vaccine as in 3rd world countries where humans are very weak and have little life force energy.  If you are reading this then you are the 90% of the world that it doesn’t apply to.

The good news is that we can do energy work to reactivate the higher heart chakra so do not worry, be informed.

Thank you for reading.
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