heal your body with your mind

Heal your body with your mind

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heal your body with your mindHi All, welcome back to our blog – Heal your body with your mind.

Did you know that you can heal your body with your mind ?

I find this statement so empowering.
As a Shamanic Practitioner I have studied and gained many qualifications within the the field of Energy Medicine over the last 15 years.

The science of Quantum Physics , Epigenetics and modern Science is now able to substantiate what we have been unable to to fully prove for many years.

Lynne Mctaggart PHD (What the doctors don’t tell you). Has been running the Intention Experiment since 2007 . These experiments show how focussed intention created in a control group has positive effects on the recipient or environment.

Bruce Lipton PHD (The Biology of Belief) shows us with epigenetics that we are not a victim of our genes. Rather we are a victim of our environment. Our environment is our thoughts or our perceptions of the environment.

Why am i telling you this?

Because if we can tune in and change our thoughts then we can change our reality.
We are not a victim of our genes (unless we choose that reality).

Let me be VERY clear on this

This is in no way suggesting that we consciously create sickness, disease etc within ourselves. There is a highly complex set of stimulus going on behind the scenes here.

However at some level , unconsciously , every single experience that happens to us creates and energy and that is what ripples through us and our world.

So if you look at this as a preventative health model rather than a reactive health model then you become empowered within your own healing.

Even when you take the pill you are choosing how it affects your biochemical.

I have clients who totally rely on the pill and i have clients who will become ill when they have to take medication.

I am one of the latter, i am also aware that it is not the pill! Heal your body with your mind

Placebo – The mind believes the pill will heal and it does.
Nocebo – The mind believes the pill will harm and it does.

So look at your mind as the most powerful healing tool within your armoury.
Even if you just did a small focussed intention 2/3 times per day on healing then you would be rewriting your neural pathways.

If that was all you did from today then you would be setting yourself up for future health and wellbeing.

Now if you expend this into groups (Power of 8 Lynne Mctaggart) then it has been studied that the group intentions are even more powerful. I have been a part of this work and witnessed the profound effects.

Now layer that out further and see how the effects can manifest as a whole network of people focus on healing.

Humans have been so insular for so long, this keeps us small and unable to harness our true energy. My majority we have power-loss (power-less).

Why do you think we have been kept small and power-less?

Imagine for a moment another reality, you feel unwell and a group of 8 people within your network just hold that space for you and focus on your physical or emotional wellness and your symptoms diminish and you improve in wellness.

I invite you to research this stuff from other sources. it is happening and in one on one healing it happens all the time (but the research evidence is harder to track).
From Dec 2019 to March 2020 over 85% of my Shamanic Healings involved extraction of egregore energy.

I invite you to draw your own conclusions on how that may relate.
We are starting to awaken to our power, and now is the time to reconnect, join together and if we can then we will shift from power-loss to power-full.

Join the global healing meditations happening on 04:04:2020 and 05:04:2020 you only need to google to find times of larger gatherings in your timezone. If you want to join my meditation events then e mail me and i will send you a zoom link. These are FREE events much needed during these challenging times.

Thank you for reading.
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