Why we get sick

Why we get sick

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Why we get sick Hi All, welcome back to our blog – Why we get sick.

I wanted to take a little look at Why we get sick.
Whenever we become ill there is always a root cause –STRESS.
Stress has many forms , very broadly we can put them into groups ;

  • Biochemical Stress – How our body reacts to breaking down the foods and drinks we need.
  • Psychological Stress – All emotional stresses (work stress, grief, bullying, anger , family issues etc).
  • Environmental Stress – What comes from the environment we are in which could be things like pollution , pollens , smoke etc. What we take in from the world around us. 
  • Physical Stress – Such as body trauma from injury, attack accident , surgery etc.

Dr. Bruce Lipton gives us an example of this in experiments which expose cells to both nutrients and toxins to show the reaction to each.

When the cells are exposed to nutrients in the dish , then the cells move towards the nutrient (the cell is therefore in growth and regeneration mode ).

When the cells are exposed to toxins in the dish, then the cells move away from the toxin (the cell is therefore going into protection mode).

Cells are either in growth/ regeneration mode or protection mode but cannot be both at the same time.

Why is this important?

Exactly the same thing happens in your own body every single time your body is exposed to a form of stress.

How does this happen? Why we get sick

The mind will perceive the environment. If it perceives it to be threatening (stressful) it will send a message to the system (called the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis) telling them that the environment is out of balance.

Note – The Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) Axis is our central stress response system. The HPA axis is an eloquent and every-dynamic intertwining of the central nervous system and endocrine system. More about that in another blog…..

In a nutshell , The HPA sends a message to the hypothalamus (which is the part of the brain that interprets the perception) to get ready to tell the whole body what is going on. So it fires a signal to the pituitary gland (the master hormone regulator gland) which sends a message to the adrenal glands which are in charge of fight or flight responses.

The adrenals glands will release stress hormones into the body and allow blood to preferentially go to the arms and legs. It is quite common for people with anxiety to feel blood pumping / tingling in the arms , legs , or around the heart and even in the skull as the vagus nerve responds . All of these are the stress hormones being released.

Why? So we can run or fight.

So this blood that is being pumped into the arms and legs has to be taken from somewhere right ? It comes from the Viscera (the deep internal organs of the body).

So when the adrenals are releasing blood from the viscera into the arms and legs , the body has to stop and temporarily shut off the growth/ regeneration mode to prioritise the protection mode.

So basically if your life is filled with stress then you are preventing your body from being in growth / regeneration mode and keeping it in protection (fight / flight ) mode.
Why we get sick

This is why we get sick

The body shuts down what is not critical for protection (immunity , reproduction etc).
So when the body is getting ready to fight or flee , immune response is not actually important , survival is (think if you had to prioritise a germ in your system versus a man with a gun in your home ).

Reproduction is the same (the body wants to keep its energy for sustaining one life not 2).
So if you are under stress and your body goes into protection mode then it gives the virus , parasite and bacteria a great opportunity to get into your environment and create dis-ease.

So if we treat the root cause ( the stress) rather than the symptoms (the disease) then we are bringing our body back to its health and balance (homeostasis) and preventative health rather than creating more stress (from medication) and reactive health.

Why we get sick

Have a look at how stress could be affecting your life and what you can do to be in prevention and empowerment.

  • Biochemical Stress– Look at not only what you eat and drink but how you eat and drink. Do you choose foods that are unprocessed , chemical free and eat little and when your body needs it. Are you addicted to foods and alcohol ?
  • Psychological Stress– What causes you emotional stress past, present or future and what support do you need to help move you to acceptance and a healthier way of being.
  • Environmental Stress– How often and for how long are you polluted by things like smoke, travel , smog , mould , WIFI etc. Look at ways to protect and reduce this.
  • Physical Stress –Look at alternative therapies to aid your recovery rather than reliance on medications if possible.

Wherever the stress comes from look at ways of bringing more love , peace, happiness and joy into your world.
Love , peace, happiness and joy counterbalance stress
Even if you feel you do not have the resources or possibilities to be free of stress.
Even if you feel completely powerless to reduce stress.
You have the resources and the power to look at love , peace, happiness and joy as a remedy.

Look at how , when , where it is possible to cultivate more of this within your life.

Thank you for reading.
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