Nature in Harmony

Nature in Harmony

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NATURE IN HARMONY Hi All, welcome back to our blog – Nature in Harmony.

Today i wanted to talk a little bit about nature and harmony thinking about the chaos in the world right now. .
Homeostasis is a state of equilibrium, a state of balance.
The opposite of this is unbalance, chaos , instability, disproportion.
Whether we look at the landscape of nature or the landscape of our own bodies it is important to be mindful of listening to the early warning signals to maintain good balance.
When we look at a few examples of how our own bodies speak to us to show a state of disharmony.

  • If your body temp changes and you start to get cold and shivery then your body is working to to regulate a fever. Often we don’t notice the first signs of this until the body swings into chaos (fever , sweats, chills).
  • If you have an ‘Itis’ then, depending on that ‘itis ‘ the body has too much acid and it is creating heat. You may have missed the initial warnings until you had inflammatory pain.
  • In Diabetes the blood has too much sugar and we may miss the reoccurrence of yeast infections, the sweet smelling urine as our bodys work to regulate until the chaos of wounds that do not heal, hypos etc does the disharmony become obvious.

Nature in Harmony

Within the architecture of the world, Nature will show us that it is out of disharmony with changes in the climate as she tries to self regulate. She will show us extremes of weather and pressure as she tries to heal. She will show cracks , volcanos, fires and floods as her landscape tries to repair.

NATURE IN HARMONYThe problem we really have is that whilst nature can survive without us, we cannot survive without nature.

As a species we have created chaos. Nature has tolerated this for so long but now we have depleted, drained , sucked dry the resources that were once abundant and she needs to fight for her survival. Whilst we fight for money.
All nature is trying to do is maintain homeostasis. When things get chaotic , its only because the first messages or strategies were not listened to or maintained. All nature needs is to get a little rest.

Its not that difficult really is it , on the grand scheme of what our futures could look like. This is just the beginning of her voice, we ignored the whispers. She will get louder and louder if she needs to. She will ROAR.
So in the words of Mother Nature HERself ;

    “This is your last chance to impress me, and save yourself from elimination. The time has come… for you to gain order FOR. YOUR. LIFE. Good luck, and don’t fuck it up.”

Thank you for reading.
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