Lilith and the Kundalini

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Lilith and the KundaliniHi All, Welcome back to our blog – Lilith and the Kundalini

Today i want to share with you an experience i had some time ago with Lilith, her wild dark goddess energy and how she came to me.
At the time of this particular experience i was really only vaguely aware of Lilith. She had never called to me and in return i had never felt drawn to her as a deity.
In fact it has only been recently as my life has changed so dramatically that i truly understand my experience and i want to express my gratitude for Lilith and her dark mysteries.
So I was just about to embark on a Women’s Shamanic Retreat i had been journeying through the worlds in preparation to gain any valuable wisdom from plant , spirit and animal teachers.
The evening before my travel to the retreat i was visited by a dark powerful feminine energy who i now know to be Lilith.
Lilith came forward to me this night with the most incredible force of feminine strength. I was not at all afraid as this dark energy as it entered in through what felt like my brain and my root.
My whole head felt like it was alive with nerve static electricity. I am sure if you had witnessed my head it may have looked like a plasma ball!

This sensory overload i can only describe as orgasmic.

A tremendous surge of power swirled , pulsed and flowed through every cell, fibre and nerve.
This feeling and energy was not localised in the way of an orgasm through the vaginal muscles or clitoris.
This surge of orgasmic power felt like it not only came from the core of me but also from the cosmos.From inside, outside, above , below.
It was everywhere and yet within me too. She was there at the core and i felt alive in a context i cannot put into words. It was almost as if it was the whole of the cosmos pulsing and beating along with my brain , my body , my energy. She whispered Transformation as i felt a serpent stirring within.
After this experience throughout the shamanic retreat the serpent came forward in many forms (dream, journeys and middle world tools) .

I understood the Kundalini raising , and welcomed Kundalini awakening so naturally.

What i was unaware of at the time was the link between Lilith , the snake and Kundalini.
When i danced in ceremony Lilith was holding the Kundalini energy and i felt the power rise. I felt the truth to allow my deep, independent sensual and creative self to be expressed fully.
Now looking back , this beautiful alchemy has really transmuted the demons within me and my mirrors of life into something rather wonderful.
What i now reflect upon is those demons of things that held power over me.
You know those things that we all have and battle in different ways. Our addictions , obsessions , attachments or habits.We use force and willpower and that gets us so far and then we regress and they resurface.
Or, if the demons are cunning and clever then they may shape shift. What happens then is the demon just shifts to a different addiction , obsession , attachment or habit (occasionally it manifests as a ‘good obsession’ ie extreme exercise versus extreme over or under eating).
Honestly , can you imagine feeling free of all that stuff. Me either!
My human mind still feels it is too good to be true and i send Lilith gratitude for her part to play in my Kundalini awakening and will continue to do so.
What i will say is now I feel like i am truly following my DIVINE URGES rather than my EGO URGES…..
Thank you for reading.

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Lilith Cinquain

Lilith dark maid goddess of the night
Refused to lay to man and submit ,
Wild woman prepared to voice that right
Word of demon and hussy was writ.

Strength to demand our equality
Feared by men for your cosmic power,
Repression of sexuality
Unbridled freedom now to flower.

Icon for woman to hold so true
Creator of life you hold the key,
No god no man shall dominate you
The goddess magick pure alchemy.

Written by Jeni in ceremony with Lilith 15:02:2020