Energy Medicine – Raise Your Vibration

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Energy Medicine - Raise Your Vibration

Hi All, Welcome back to our blog. Did you know that Energy Medicine and the ability to raise your vibration is a powerful tool for aiding recovery of illness ?
You would probably be familiar with the idea of calming music to reduce feelings of stress , depression and anxiety.

Did you know that energy medicine can also reduce pain from surgery , ease chronic pain and also help the body recover faster from dis-ease (dis-harmony) along with improving mental health and wellbeing ?
N.I.C.E have recorded many observations of how vibrational therapies are having profound effects on pain, recovery and even reversing terminal diagnosis’s.

Within my own body of work with clients i see how healing vibrational frequency (energy medicine) is.
It is wonderful to facilitate this and witness as the client responds to their own prescription of energy medicine.
When energy medicine is prescribed in this way it allows the use of wave particles directly to the clients cells.
As the cells receive this vibrational information it allows that tailored ‘recipe’ of vibrational healing (whether that be light, sound, plant medicine etc ) to reset the field and allow the body to gently find its homeostasis.

Energy Medicine – Raise Your Vibration

My clients report feeling reduced stress, anxiety, fatigue and generally feeling more grounded after sessions. When clients are going through operative procedures or (for example) cancer recovery, the speed of heeling (generally) exceeds what they have been advised by the medical professionals ….coincidence ?

With Cancer in particular, Cancer is a mass of cells which have become extremely de-oxegenised. This leads to the sticky mass we know of as a tumor. A tumor is actually the body trying to get all those sticky / abnormal cells into one place to heal.
However, when we actually find out about that tumor , it is just that the mass of de-oxygenation has became to great for the body to deal with at once.
Vibrational Energy Medicine works in the same way as oxygenating therapy as it will disintegrate and explode the damaged cell.

With the pioneers in the world of Energy Medicine and the Medical profession joining together with their research and studies in this field, it should not be long before Vibrational Energy Medicine technology is embraced by mainstream medicine as a powerful complementary therapy.

Thank you for reading.

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