Happy Valentines Day – Self Love

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Happy Valentines Day.

Importance of Self LoveSelf Love – whether you are in a relationship or not , take some time to connect to your heart and your desires this Valentines Day.

Self Love allows true manifestation of the right relationships to blossom.

Lack of self Love will generate relationships that are lacking, barren, less than and not filling you up to the brim with whatever you need to feel FULL to the brim and ABUNDANT in life.

  • If you are not loving yourself then how can you expect someone else to worship your divine Goddess /God energy.
  • If you are not loving yourself then you are shining a light out saying “Hey its ok to treat me this way”, because this is exactly how you are treating yourself.
  • If you are not loving yourself then you you are missing out on all of the fertile nourishing energy of self love and self care.

Give yourself some TIME to hold a self love ceremony this valentines day

Think about how the the following things can be incorporated into this valentines day and ultimately your life going forward.  i invite you to consider  where you are perhaps giving yourself these things in a less than healthy way too.

  • Nourishment.
  • Abundance.
  • Love.
  • Joy.
  • Anticipation or Excitement.
  • Fulfilment.
  • Satisfaction.
  • Gratitude.

Self LoveFirstly give yourself these things, and then you will always be content.  in addition to this if you give yourself these things, then you are sending a frequency out to the world of what you will accept and tolerate.

This Valentines Day i am NOURISHING myself with a JOYFUL breakfast with a friend.
This Valentines Day i am finding EXCITEMENT and ANTICIPATION in a much awaited trip to the cinema.
This Valentines Day i am feeling the ABUNDANCE of LOVE from my relationship and the GRATITUDE of the many years that we have remained soul friends which has not always been easy.
This Valentines Day i am SATISFYING myself by buying myself my favourite flowers Peonies, because I’m worth it !
Thank you for reading.
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Love For All Seasons

Heart skips a beat,
Stomach churning,
Counting the hours,
Passion burning.
Talking for hours,
Dusk turns to dawn,
Whispers are shared,
Feelings are born.
The sunshine so bright,
With love in the air,
The world is alight,
Not a worry or care.
Months turn to years,
Heart knows what is true,
Steady the flames,
Life is me , life is you.
Love is the light, guiding through the seasons,
Love is the anchor whatever the weather,
Love is the eyes seeing beauty within,
Love is the glue that holds us together.
Jeni 14/02/2020