Releasing Anger and Rage

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Releasing Anger and RageHi All, welcome back to our blog – Today i wanted to blog about how anger and rage are damaging us.

How do you feel about being angry or admitting you have rage within ?

Anger is quite often an emotion we do not like to face.
Often i see within my clients symptoms of suppressed rage / anger that has not been healed and it causes all manor of physical, mental and dissociative health issues.

The truth is that without release of anger and rage there is no true healing.

Just some quick examples if how this can manifest are :

  • Depression, lack of desire or motivation for life as the client has been so contained and restrained in holding their anger and rage that the energy of the self flatlines.
  • Addiction (drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, gambling etc) as the client seeks a false state of gratification to mask the anger and rage.
  • Performance as the client puts their mask on for social media and portrays a false airbrushed reality for all to see.
  • Issues with poor Liver function, high Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Gout and most inflammatory conditions are linked in some meta-physical way to the energy of anger and rage being contained within the body.

Steps to help you release;

  • See a qualified therapist near you, ideally someone who understands 5 element TCM along with talking therapies would be a great place to start as they will coach you to help you to find peace within your energy system whilst dealing with the root causes through talking therapies.
  • Focus on what is good in your life and take 5 minutes each morning as you awaken and evening before sleep to anchor all that is good into your neural pathways as you will be setting brain patterns.“What am i grateful for today ? “

  • Journal , daily habits of journaling your feelings can be hugely beneficial as often we go through life not actually checking in with how we are feeling.
  • Take some time to be present in nature, no phones, music or distraction. Just BEING in nature and using your senses. So i suggest 5 minutes using each sense and just being present in that ….ie , what am i smelling RIGHT NOW.Challenges and obstacles are always detours that are taking us in the right direction, although when we are going through them we cannot see that. ask yourself “What is the Opportunity in this ? ” “What am i learning in this difficult situation ?”

Hopefully some of this will help you become aware of your own mind / body connection.
Thank you for reading.
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