Living With Endometriosis or Adeneymeosis

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Hi All,

EndometriosisIf you are living with Endometriosis or Adeneymeosis then this blog may be helpful to you.

Living with the pain of Endometriosis or Adeneymeosis can be debilitating and often not understood by others and the pain can emotional effects can be really difficult to manage.

At some points in your cycle you may find that the pain levels when the contractions of the womb reach their intensity are comparable to the contractions of giving birth….with nothing to show for it except a loop cycle of yet more pain.

Does this sound familiar ? Then read on……

Pain can put the body into stress which affects the hormonal system further and the same damaging hormones are repeatedly secreted adding to the problem.

There are some things that you can try naturally to help your body.

Reducing oestrogen in the body is one of the key things. Some of the ways to reduce oestrogen in the body include ;

  • Manage stress in your life as much as you can. Notice what are the main stress creating aspects of your life and then have a plan to tackle what you can.
  • Try a form of meditation to help your mind deal with how you perceive stress. Meditation can take many forms , as long as you are being mindful it will benefit. For example Swimming or practicing Yoga mindfully can help, as can joining a meditation group . They are both different ways to look at meditation.
  • Be aware of your pain and how at certain times when it is at its most intense , when you are on your period make time and allowances for it. Do not be ashamed of letting people know, it is a medical condition and you need to take care of yourself.
    The more people around you understand that Endometriosis / Adeneymeosis is not just a period pain the easier you can make things for yourself. Get the important people in your life to do some research.
  • Have a Fertility Massage , it can be wonderfully helpful and ease the pain of the pelvis and lower back over time. I work with my clients with Fertility Massage for Endometriosis or Adeneymeosis and they come a few days before their period and it can help with the symptoms both physically reducing pain in the body but also reducing stress .
  • Look at a high alkaline diet. Reducing acid in the body can help with the pain as acid increases inflammation within the body.
  • Increase levels of vitamin B6, especially after your ovulation point . B6 is essential for the production of the corpus luteum to release progesterone. Foods high in B6 are meat, salmon, eggs, some nuts and seeds and avocado.
  • Castor Oil Packs can be helpful to detox the liver and womb. Excess oestrogen stagnated in the body is the main issue here . There is a link here with information on how to do this.https://peaceofmindhealth.co.uk/tag/castor-oil-pack/

Thank you for reading.

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