Make Time To Play

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Hi All,

Welcome back to our blog.  Make Time To Play . 

Make Time To Play











Take your inner child to play. Remember that feeling of  living  carefree in the present moment .

Play is the most creative thing that we can give to our brains to switch on both our logical analytical mind. Play is  also our creative intelligence.
Have you even met those people who have ALL the pieces of paper academically, yet cannot think outside the box.

We forget the fundamental importance of creative play.  If you want really switched on adults then let your children / inner child play.

Make Time To Play

Garden barefoot and dig your hands into the soil , keep the soul of earth beneath your nails . Play and speak to the elementals that dance around you in the woods .  Use all of your senses ,  switch off any devices that do the work for you. 

Dance , drum and find the rhythm of nature in the songs around you.
Let your senses feel the moist soil, the spongy moss and connect with the micro villages in the networks of all species. Feel the tingles of being fully connected with your beautiful body from the centre of your heart . 

Now that’s just me , your inner child may want something different ….. when did you last ask them ? 

Make Time To Play

Be free …. be happy ! 

Thank you for reading.

Make Time To Play


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