Tips for Good Digestive Health – Reflexology

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The digestive system is key to our overall health and wellbeing. If our digestion is not balanced then we may be missing in vital nutrients the body needs to stay healthy.

It is said that the gut is the 2nd brain, in fact 95% of the body’s serotonin is found in the bowels so if we have a healthy digestion then our mood naturally improves and we will be happier!!

My Clinical Reflexology is well established for both Fertility and Digestive disorders thanks to the exceptional training i received in these fields. Reflexology is wonderful in helping the body heal from the inside out and  there are specific reflexes and also meridian’s (energy pathways / acupressure points ) located on the feet which help rebalance the whole digestive system.

Some of the conditions we have amazing results with include ;









You can also aid  your digestive health by  ensuring your fibre exceeds 20-25g/day, drink plenty of filtered water and reducing sugars, processed and acidic foods.

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