How the Thyroid can affect Pregnancy

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An under active thyroid is a huge cause of difficulty in becoming pregnant. In fact it is more common than most women realise.
If you are unsure you should speak to your GP for a test. Ask for your results as sometimes the GP will say your result is ‘normal’ and actually you may find you are borderline ?

The thyroid hormones have a number of functions including :

~ Metabolism of Fats, Proteins and Carbs.
~ Impacts on other hormones in the endocrine system (growth hormones, adrenal function, hypothalamus, pituitary etc).
~ Blood pressure regulation.
~ Controlling weight gain.
~ Controlling heart rate.
~ Brain function.
~ Foetal development during pregnancy.
~ Impacts on Immunity.

Here are some signs that your Thyroid may be low :
~ Mind fog or memory loss
~Stubborn weight or weigh gain
~Sluggish digestion
~Dry skin or hair (or thinning hair)
~Feeling cold
~ Goiter
~Muscle cramps
~ Reduced libido
~ Menstrual cycle irregular
~ Difficulty in conceiving

A clinical Reflexologist can also help you rebalance the thyroid and in fact when retested clients see tests improve over time.
If you would like more information about how reflexology can help you become pregnant then please call us for a confidentaial chat.

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