New Year Body , Mind and Spirit

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Happy New Year All..  We hope it will be filled with health, happiness, abundance and of course Peace Of Mind.

So this year as we begin with fresh thoughts of how we would like 2014 to be for us. Forget aboout New Years Resolutions, the hard task of feeling like we are ‘giving up’ everything (which is why we often lose hope and then feel like failures in whatever it is we put our minds to ‘give up ‘ or ‘remove’ from our lives. Instead Lets look at a few ideas for Mind, Body and Spirit to help you get there!

FRESH CREATIONS  begins this Sunday 5th January, so begin on a steady journey of  genuine commitment to realise your full potential now!!!  No matter what it is you do, take small steps as these will have a much more profound and lasting effect on your life….and enjoy the ride…have fun!!!!!


Within our minds we have the capacity to achieve ALL that we wish for, we can also decide whether or not we allow something to hold us back from that true potential.  When we are able to free our minds from the negative aspects of these ‘blocks’  or ‘obstacles’ we can really fly….and what an amazing journey that can be. Of course it is sad when we encounter such blocks and feel pain and suffering . For some it becomes the thing that stops them from true living …no-one else can give you permission to live out your full potential but YOU!!!


At this time of year in Traditional Chinese Medicine we are in the water phase which is related in our physical bodies to the Kidney and Bladder and in emotions relates to feelings of Anxiety and Fear of what is yet to come. We need to keep the kidneys warm or the body will put a layer of fat around this area to ensure those vital life force organs are protected (so wrap up warm & keep the midriff cosy ladies!!!).  We need to conserve energy at this time of year, its about hibernation and nourishment.  Good foods include Kidney Beans  and  warm hearty root vegetable and squash soups.  Eat whole grains, and chlorophyll rich foods (greens) . Avoid cold and damp foods and Lemons and citrus fruits are most beneficial to cleanse and detoxify.


Now is the time to cleanse your meridian energies, if your Water meridians have an imbalance of either over or under energies then this will impact on the next seasonal organs and emotions will be impacted (after water we move into Wood which relates to the Liver and GallBladder and stores anger.   Reiki , Chakra Healing, EFT or  or Meridian rebalancing can be a wonderfully gentle relaxing and yet very powerful therapy to help the subtle energies of the body back to harmony.

If your body, mind or spirit is not feeling its best self then we can help you bring about a process of change to make you feel better about whatever it is that is blocking you right now. Life ALWAYS  gets better when you begin a wonderful process of healing yourself, accepting yourself…and loving yourself.

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