How our thoughts impact on our health

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It is important for us to understand the total impact our thoughts and feelings can have on our body and health. Our mind is everything and what we hold as our beliefs will manifest within our body and our overall health.

Negative minds, or situations where we have felt helpless or ‘wronged’ if not unblocked will  create not only stress in the mind but then as time goes by it begins to upset the body chemical and hormonal balance creating the dis-ease state within the body.

For example ……if we store anger which has not been ‘processed’ on an emotional level then this could manifest in health conditions such as issues of the liver, gallbladder, digestive disorders and later hypertension and CV disease.  This particular emotion can be difficult for many people to truly let go of as we feel if we let go  it is kind of like saying its ok …..Acceptance does not come easily!

For example ……we may struggle to ‘digest’ some information in a current situation . Feeling wronged or not listened to . This may impact on our digestion with stomach cramps , IBS  and depending on the emotion felt at the time , lets say the person was fearful then this could impact on the kidneys or the bladder too  however if they were holding anger then this may affect the liver and so on.

Some of these negative emotional states may be linked to past experiences and as we did not process the original emotional state / experience our minds continue to run the same programmed ‘belief system’ which over time creates dis-ease or dis harmony within the physical body.

When we look at the persons health here at Peace Of Mind Health we are using principles from Traditional CHinese Medical Diagnostics , NLP, and touch for meta-health. By analysing the whole person , their emotions, beliefs, meridian energy, chakras etc  we can then help that client let go of those past cycles of stress, health trigger and begin to heal their bodies naturally.

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