Remember Who You Are.

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Hi Dear Ones,

Welcome back to our blog. Remember Who You Are.

Every now and then we need to remind ourselves of who we really are.

What you title yourself is not who you are. We are so much deeper than the surface labels we navigate the world wearing. The friend, child, parent, job  etc. We are looking at the matter not sensing the essence.

What you see is not what you are. You look in the mirror and label yourself as beautiful, ugly, fat, thin, old etc. We are judging the body not and not seeing the soul.

In this distracting world we miss the soul whisper , it cannot be found where the mind is busy . Only within the quiet and profound moments will we hear the language of the soul. We innately know that is true. But we forget.

Remember Who You Are.

The world tells us and wants us to believe that we are what we see. We take the easy way out. We believe.

That’s why the awakening of the soul and the journey to become one with him or her involves us to keep a mental focus to remember us back to who we truly are.


Until we truly meet with the soul we cannot find lasting peace of mind , freedom or true happiness.

Thank you for reading.


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