The Alchemy Of Babalon

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The Alchemy of Babalon

The Alchemy of Babalon
The Alchemy of Babalon

At the entrance of the crypt i hesitate

a liminal portal to a long forgotten life

embedded within dark solid walls of an empty cavern

a fruitless pilgrimage i sense down into the belly

my indifference for a discovery of no thing.


The muse who first cast the light

to illuminate this dark space

she weaves to me tales of ancient inscriptions

elaborate paintings which adorn the walls to reawaken

as eyes witness and lips whisper and breathe it back to life.

The Alchemy of Babalon
The Alchemy of Babalon


This explorer begins to doubt the initiation

inanimate within those etchings of ancient graffiti

anger bubbles at my core like molten lava

no ice cold tears could cool the flow

fire and flint stone lit a spark.


Under the veil of darkness suddenly visible

from that chemical reaction alchemy took shape

eyes adjusted as dark shadows shape shifted

and what was revealed within this magnificent architecture

radiance glistened within each sensual curve.


Each pillar uniquely carved to form a majestic sacred temple

deep within the womb of her are primordial mysteries

riches intricately woven into magik of the goddesses

written here in ancient blood

the sacred chalice glows bright upon the altar

a symbol of the creative power of woman.

The Alchemy of Babalon
The Alchemy of Babalon






White Raven  11:11:2019  a shamanic pilgrimage into the womb of ancestors .

Poetry is from the heart , a form of art , an expression born of an emotion in time. If you care to share then from my heart to your heart please do and always credit the artist