The Energy Of Allowance

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Hi All, Welcome back to our blog – The Energy Of Allowance.

The Energy Of Allowance

The universe is not trying to work against you. Its all about a magnetic energy.

We just spend so much time banging our heads up against a metaphorical brick wall of built up issues that we are unable to have the head space to really listen.

We spend our mental  energy caught up with the processing, trying to logically fix it and find the CONCLUSION.

Whilst we are trying to figure it all out with all the answers in that vast space in our amazing mind space , we are actually drawing a mental magnet to attract MORE of the issues we are trying to fix.

The Energy Of Allowance

Here are some questions that may help you come unstuck from that viewpoint you are stuck in right now;

If we chose to choose that which was working for us, would it be possible just to focus on choosing to create more?

What could be possible if you just keep choosing to allow in the above emotional energy every day?

What if everything i had based my reality on was not solid (or fixed)?

If you wanted to create your perfect reality, what would the emotional energy feel like (ie peace, calm , happy etc)?

What would you choose to create if you were not fixed into your preconceived idea of what your reality “should” be?

When things go wrong do you try to ESCAPE or CREATE?

If you are looking for a way to ESCAPE then you are in fact not coming from a place where you allow yourself to CREATE!!!

Are you are going through a cycle in your life which is holding you back?

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Investing in yourself is probably the best investment you will ever make. As you free your mind, body and energy, your life simply transforms (as many of you will already know!).

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Many thanks for reading this weeks blog, The Energy Of Allowance.

Have an amazing day.

Be free…Be happy!


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