Celebrate L.I.F.E. Be Magnificent!

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Celebrate L.I.F.E. Be Magnificent!

Hi all,

What is LIFE ?

What does LIFE mean to you ?

Do you ever stop to consider your LIFE , what you have  the magnificence of it all ?

Do you ever wonder why things elove and shape as they do , why certain things repeat themselves (ie the same ‘mistakes’?)

L.I.F.E  …i break life down this way and it helps me to make sense of my path, keeps me foccussed, positive and in perspective.

L- The L in life to me represents LEARNING. 

Learning to love myself, Learning from my experiences (both good and bad) as both the good and bad aspects on life challenge us. They stretch us and help us to grow. Working from a place of true love allows flow. Whitney Houston sang so beautifully……

“The greatest love of all Is happening to me,
I found the greatest love of all Inside of me,
The greatest love of all Is easy to achieve,
Learning to love yourself It is the greatest love of all”

I – The I in life to me represents INTUITION. 

When we let to we connect to a higher source of wisdom , when we let go of our fears in fact we do not fall ….we FLY! Everything happens in the perfect moment. Just as it is meant to be. When we follow our intuition we are being REAL , true to ourselves.

F – The F in life represents to be FLOW.

When we are in perfect FLOW then resistance and tension will go. Communicating with who you really are when you let go of your ego (held fears of what others may thing of you, what expectations you ‘should’ fulfil, what self imposed judgements you held as your truths, needing to be liked , conditional attachments etc etc) is powerful . Let go of the way you think it sould work out and guess what …..you get to have FUN as you are experiencing just for the joy. You are in flow when you work from the heart NOT the head. The head is the part of you that will consciously try to put in fear based blocks which resist FLOW.

E – The E in life represents to me EMPOWER.

Celebrate L.I.F.E. Be Magnificent!When you work through learning to love yourself (and this automatically brings love out to others ) trusting your base heart intuition and going with the flow of what your heart really wants (without condition, judgement  or ego) then you automatically empower yourself and this is where you truly become free to really know your own magnificence!

Have a great day!

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Many thanks for reading this weeks blog – Celebrate L.I.F.E. Be Magnificent!

Have an amazing day.

Be free…Be happy!


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