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Science, Medicine and Spirituality – True Holistic Healing

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True Holistic Healing Hi All, welcome back to our blog – Science, Medicine and Spirituality – True Holistic Healing.

Healing the soul just is as important as healing the body.

When we are not getting to the root causes of our problems it is often because we are treating the surface and not looking at the roots.

In the modern western world we are largely disconnected from the harmonious relationships needed between body and soul.

As above, So below.  Science, Medicine and Spirituality are all equally important, the triad of health. If one part is not accounted for then something is missing from the whole. This is the backbone of metaphysics.

True holistic healing work, understands the triad is equal. The sum of the parts is required for the whole, for completion. When we understand that these are all just aspects of the same thing then good work will be done.

Science, Medicine and Spirituality – True Holistic Healing

The Doctor, The Scientist, and The Healer will be great at their work if they work encompassing and learning the triad.

The Doctor, The Scientist or The Healer will be poor at their work or blind with their ego (ignorance) if they do not encompass the triad.

A physical symptom within the body often has a relationship to a state of your psyche or the external world which also means that there an aspect of the soul that needs to be considered.

The philosophy is that the reflection of as within so with out. As above, so below. The material is a mirror of the invisible.

If we can work in a way that practices with equal emphasis on above and below, in and out, physical and soul then the outcome is far or successful.

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