Unnatural Terrain

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Unnatural Terrain

When that which surrounds us erodes

Once solid now worn crumbling remains

Deluded decisions, blind way-makers of the future.


In time it will be told how we lived from greed

Rapidly spread the invasive weed

To strip bare and rape all that is goodness, from our once glorious green mother.

Unnatural Terrain

For too long now silence deafens

I hear it roaring within the labyrinth of my own caverns

Too late for sorrow I fear tomorrows barren harvest.


Is what will inhabit this terrain ,governed by some perpetual dream

Will our conclusion be led by the hand of evolution

Or shall it be judged by some enlightened and almighty power.


If renunciation shakes me from this fog of dementia

Nourish the emaciated , Heal wounds mutilated

Protect the frail, Purify what ails

Awaken all that is divine, Until once more my sacred heart aligns

Jeni 17 :7:23