Healing Our Ancestral Wounds

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Hi Dear Ones,

Welcome back to our blog. Healing Our Ancestral Wounds.

Have you ever wondered why certain health conditions carry through our lineage ?

If you have, then it is likely that you have assigned the logic of ‘ its in our blood’ . genetics. Whilst this is a valid reasoning,  how about emotional states and tendencies that are not patterned directly.

Healing Our Ancestral Wounds.

For example your great , great grandmother who was depressed, your grandfather you have the same skills as yet you were never taught by him as you were just a baby when he died etc.

Is is just ‘luck of the draw’, or wounds that are carried in the ‘energy field’ between us and our ancestors.

Healing Our Ancestral Wounds

In past few hundred years , our ancestors did not speak their wounds. All those traumas and struggles were buried deep into the unconscious. The energy as well as the matter stores this .

This then becomes the fertiliser for the future lineages , each receiving the energy of growth and development. The wisdom and skills as well as the trauma and repression.

If you have feelings that seem unrelated to specific events or specific habits then these will be ancestral patterns. Even if your habits are that of your parents then that still links back (just more obvious).

Healing Our Ancestral Wounds.

We all have ancestral wounds to heal, some of them are more obvious yet all as valuable to clear. This is where Theraputic Shamanism can be one tremendously beneficial tool. 

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