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Hi All,

Happy friday !

It has been another great week here at Peace of Mind Health and as October highlights ‘Stoptober ‘the month to stop smoking and improve your health for life we have been inundated with clients for our stop smoking programme.

Well done to those of you who are already well on your way to success!

This week has also had successes from our weight loss clients and so far we have had a few successes, the biggest success so far being a new client  1 month loss of 15lbs …which is great! ..and we still have successes from ongoing clients one of whom is currently tracking at 57lbs so far….AMAZING!!!

I love the saying ‘ i can do it when i put my mind to it and here at Peace of Mind Health thats really what we are about, reconnecting you with your inner self. Letting go of those mistaken beliefs, limiting blocks that have been stopping you reach your full potential.

If you would like help with freeing the blocks in your life then call for a confidential chat to make an appointment at Peace Of Mind Health on 07531 191 688.

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