6 Nails

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Hi Dear Ones,

Welcome back to our blog. 6 Nails.

I was looking into some ancient wisdoms of the Buddhist philosophers and came across Tilopa’s ‘6 nails ‘ or 6 words of advice’ from way back in the 11th century. 

These teachings seem quite simple when we first read them , yet the deeper meanings are really meaningful to absorb.

If we used these wonderful teachings then they could be practiced as a continual cycle each day as a very powerful body of life work. They are bitesized gems which hold some incredible realisations of peace and harmony which could be accessed by us if we began to apply into our modern daily lives.

The 6 nails ;

    • Don’t recall.
    • Don’t imagine.
    • Don’t think.
    • Don’t examine.
    • Don’t control.
    • Rest.

Just take one of these each day and use it to meditate upon , find meaning within your life and try to gain wisdom from the meanings.

    • Don’t recall – This is advice to remind us to let go of yesterday. What has happened does not exist in anything other than our memories. Yet in the recalling of these memories to keep them alive and real we continue to suffer.
    • Don’t imagine – This is advice to help us to be present in the now and not to loop cycle and catastrophise with our incredible imagination on how things could turn out. We have a great capacity to imagine every possible negative outcome of a future that does not exist and when we receive that future it is never improved by the looping thoughts.
    • Don’t think – This is to remind us that our logical brains are binary and make solutions based on (over) thinking and also tighten our thinking rather than expanding our minds. When our minds are loose and open things just evolve in a neutral way as we do not categorise them (into good, bad, right , wrong etc)
    • Don’t examine – The ego always asking why? why? why ? – we drive ourselves insane with needing the details of mundane things. We think our lives would be perfect if we could figure ‘it’ out….the reality is that the monkey mind would just jump to the next mundane situation and cry ‘ why? why ? why ?
    • Don’t control – This advice reminds us that when we are pushing into something we are actually forcing an outcome. When we force anything it is likely that it will not be aligned or it will break. Neither of these outcomes are going to bring any lasting peace and happiness.
    • Rest – The most wonderful advice of all – just chill out. Relax and be loose and present. Situations are just life and we can handle them in a forced and uptight way or in a loose and relaxed way – same situations but different minds.

Thank you for reading.


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