Freed From Desire

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Hi Dear Ones,

Welcome back to our blog. Freed From Desire.

Do you recall the mid 1990’s dance track.

I heard it the other day and as the tune began it triggered memory of myself getting freaky on the dance floor. then for the first time the lyrics and it inspired me to write this blog.

“Freed from desire , mind and senses purified. “

Freed From Desire

We live in a world that has created a belief that when any form of attachment arises within us that it is good, something we should chase, own , gain control and obsess over. We truly believe that our lives will be better in some way if we get what we desire.

The source of our unhappiness is actually the thing we are attached to. Even if we should manage to achieve our desires (such as acquiring wealth or the person we desire) we may then become stressed possessive or worry about someone taking it away.

When we are attached to something , we have expectations and when these are not met we can feel cheated by life , disappointed by others, angry, jelous and bitter. With the mindset of desire we can never be fulfilled , satisfied or complete.

If our object of desire fails to please us or leaves us for someone else we feel disappointed, angry and betrayed, we may even become violent.

Money, fame, power, status, material gain , possessions will all enslave us if we are unable to be satisfied with having only what we need and not what we want.

“Freed from desire , mind and senses purified. “

Freed From Desire

Thank you for reading.


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