Remember You Are Love

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Hello Dear Ones,

Remember you are LOVE at the core of you .

Within the chaotic world we live in we can often forget the soft centre of ourselves is love. We can become contracted and hard in our minds and our bodies.

Remember You Are Love

Stiffening of the mind takes us away from our core of love. You know this has happened when we definitely feel any of the below (for ourselves) ;

  • need to be right
  • need to be heard
  • feel  envious of others
  • take things personally
  • feel angry , irritated and frustrated with others
  • nothing goes right for us
  • need to get our way

If life has led you to settle for giving out or living in a watered down version of the true heart based love then practice true love as a daily practice by working on which ever of the above you can own within your own shadows.

Working at the level of the soul helps us to unravel and breathe life into heart felt love as a way of living until it becomes the natural dance of the drum of your heart .

Focus your awareness in all that you do until each and every vein carried this vibration through the whole of you once more .

  • Real love is uncritical.
  • Real love is non judgemental.
  • Real love is accepting of how things are ( versus how you want them to be ) .
  • Real love is forgiveness.
  • Real love is compassion.
  • Real love is patience .
  • Real love is kindness.
  • Real love is authenticity.

Thank you for reading.


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