Finding Your True Passion And Purpose In Life

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Hello Dear Ones,

Finding Your True Passion And Purpose In Life .

Finding Your True Passion And Purpose In Life

Ask yourself these questions ;

  • Are you generally happy and content in your life ?
  • Do you feel that you have A life that gives you “good luck” and abundance ?
  • Are you living your life doing what inspires , motivates and empowers you ?
  • Are you doing what you would do if money were no object ?

If the answer to any of these questions is no then chances are you have yet to find your true passion and purpose in life. You are not working with the Law of Attraction and manifesting from the soul.

The truth is that your path, purpose and purpose is all there and it is just waiting to be shown to you.

The truth is that you have probably been operating from a logical frame of reference , which is why this hasn’t yet been revealed.

When we operate  from a logical “programme ” we will be limited by  the deeply rooted beliefs we all hold about how the world works ( and therefore what is and isn’t possible ).

Below are just some examples of the logical programme blocks I often have to clear for clients  ;

~ You must work hard to earn money  – this stops money showing up with ease which means everything around money becomes a struggle).

~ I should stick with where I am and be grateful – the unknown is too scary and we stick rather than risk. often we have a block on taking “risks”, so we end up staying in jobs, relationships, friendships etc even though we are unfulfilled and therefore we are settling for a “less than ” mindset .

~ if I am successful in all areas of my life then others won’t like me – quite often we have mistaken blocks we create when we have envy of others successes or see exaggerated pride in others. when we believe that having it all will change us negatively then we will never allow ourselves to have it all and enjoy it!

~ what will I do when I achieve my hearts desire –  again we often block abundance as we fear on a deep level that when we get is all there will be nothing left to aim for so we keep ourselves just short of the mark.


Listen for the messages  , They are always there.

I work as a Transformational Coach and I can tell you now that  just working through some of this unblocking (if you are consistent with it) will bring great changes in your life.

If you want to go deeper then I can work with you both one to one and I also do Skype sessions.

The true , amazing , magnificent and authentic you has a great gift and a profound contribution to offer the world.

The true you is here to shine . Give yourself this gift.




Thank you for reading.


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