The Healing Power Of Illness

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The Healing Power Of Illness

the healing power of illness

Often we only perceive Illness through the eyes of fear. It is an unwelcome guest that at the very least causes us disruption and at worst can be life altering.

There is beyond the fear a great healing power within illness.

Illness is something that creates fear , panic and we want to get rid of it . So we overpower it with drugs or cut it away. Whilst this is a solution (and often very necessary) we never look at the underlying healing power within the illness manifestation.

In the negative Illness is actually a loss of power in the whole of your system. However in the positive if we can tune into why it needs to exist it can be a great resource for our future wellness.

When we become ill a part of our soul becomes disconnected , fragmented or lost. If we do not provide a healing at the level of the soul then this energy just re manifests and often in physical illness it goes deeper into the body.

With mild illnesses it is actually counter productive to suppress any symptoms and the body switches off its healing processes over time each time we suppress. Often we do not connect illnesses as they move deeper into the body.

Illness is a message from parts of our soul we have lost touch with, the parts of us that disconnected and dissociated during traumatic events in our lives.

The more the symptoms feel overwhelming and painful, or the deeper they have gone within the body is showing and guiding you back to a moment we need to revisit, feel and bring love and soul connection back to.

When we do this, healing can begin. Sometimes it may be a deep healing journey within, everyone is different.

The truth is that the power of illness when you approach it from soul level can reconnect you. This soul led journey may bring you back to your original biological blueprint which is living in a flow of vitality, radiance and vital life-force energy in abundance .


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