The Power Of Addiction

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Hello Dear Ones,

Welcome back to our blog. The Power Of Addiction.

The Power Of Addiction


When you are battling an addiction or supporting someone who is battling an addiction there are some things that are worth keeping in the forefront of this chaotic and all consuming illness.

  • Addiction is more powerful than any love that anyone can give. 
  • Willpower is extremely forceful , yet weakened over time. Most addicts begin recovery using willpower and this alone will not get them over the addiction.
  • Addiction is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • Addiction will normalise itself to fit in with your world  (ie extreme exercise is healthy , drinking is sociable, its legal so it must be ok , food control is necessary , the doctor prescribed it so its ok , my friends do it so its ok etc ).
  • Addiction is a disease that began as a virus which burrows into the core of your being.  Even when that virus is dormant it is never fully destroyed.   It will always exist and whilst it may be dormant,  it still has the same potential to activate and to cause you to become incredibly ill again.

You are either in a state of stress or in a state of healing.
When your will to be well becomes stronger the healing can begin. Will power is the driving force that may help you begin the journey but this WILL NOT  see you through the long haul journey.

Addiction is not about strength , it is about creating a different environment which supports you in reducing stress to allow the potential for healing to exist and WANTING to be well.

 It is almost impossible to stay well whilst stress and chaos exist around you. I really believe this is the core of recovery. 

When you are in stress you are outputting ( burning or using more energy / resources) than you are taking in .

When the body is in constant stress , this places more demand on the body than the body has resources for . This creates the numbing / pleasure chemical ( the anesthetiser) .
You cannot get better in an environment that made you sick. 

The Power Of Addiction

For true recovery you really need to eliminate the causes and conditions for as much of the stress as possible.

This will be incredibly difficult as you will also have some addition to these things too (as they are the reason for you to keep your addiction ). If you can deal with the external causes and conditions then it helps the reason for you to choose the addiction to become less powerful .

If you can learn meditation and relaxing techniques,  rest , sleep , remove toxic people and situations from your life then this is a great starting point.

Creating community and support in the opposite of where your additions lie are the key to long term recovery as normalisation of your addiction becomes a valuable tool for the mind to use.

The journey of healing addictions is to get to a place where the lure of the dormant ‘addiction’ virus becomes weaker and weaker over time .

Acceptance of it and allowance of the times where it trips you up can also be helpful tools. if you can accept it exists and always will and allow yourself to move beyond the ‘slip ups’ that may happen this is powerful to move you beyond the shame / guilt cycle that can draw you back into the negative cycle of the addiction.

The Power Of Addiction

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