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Hi All, Welcome back to the blog – Fibromyalgia.

What do you know about Fibromyalgia?


Fibromyalgia is a chronic and painful neurological illness which is usually felt as a dull and constant ache in the body.
Often difficult to diagnose because of the wide and varied range of symptoms such as:

  • Muscle aches or spasms
  • Stiffness
  • Chronic fatigue or Low energy levels
  • Anxiety
  • Low moods or depression
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, noise or bright lights
  • Numbness or tingling sensations
  • Feeling unnourished from sleep
  • Poor concentration
  • Headaches / tension in head
  • Mind Fog
  • IBS Symptoms
  • Tender Neurolypmhatic points (see below)
    TENDER NL’S :-
    C1-2 Back of the head
    T2 scapula
    Top of the shoulders
    Front of the neck
    R2-3 Upper chest
    Outer part of the elbows
    L5 Upper part of the hips
    Side of the hips
    Inner knees

Improvements on many of Fibromyalgia symptoms

Clinical Kinesiology, Clinical Reflexology  along side talking therapy can have profound improvements on many of these symptoms, often thyroid function can be improved (with C.Reflexology) and the root cause may be balanced along with clearing the Neurolymphatic points (through C.Kinesilogy). I have been working with clients for many years to help rebalance the body and often the root emotional causes of the build up. In my work i have yet to meet a client with fibro who hasnt benefitted from clearing the emotional roots . This has a profound effect on the future of managing the symptoms.


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