The Soul Calling

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Hi Dear Ones,

Welcome back to our blog. The Soul Calling.

Having a real focus and strong sense of  what you want out of life is quite a difficult thing to imagine for many people.

The process of not feeling connected to your soul led purpose  – whether it is your career, to your soul mate or the thing that you engage in during your play time can leave you feeling restless, depleted , depressed , stressed or anxious .

It’s much easier to abide in the numbness of life and play by the rules of others than to look within us and see clearly what we are meant to be in a soul – full  way. Although this is easier, its is also unsatisfying and you will always feel like you do not fit in when the soul begins a calling you.

If you are feeling restless or that there is more to experience with the whole of your being then you are awakening to the wild calls of the soul and your energy is starting to shift you.

If you are feeling unsettled, upended and unsatisfied with the mundane numbing out  events (shopping , endless TV , idle chatter or gossip etc)  that used to fulfil you then your inner divine is calling you to action.

You may also find that some of your old relationships  no longer serve you or they are more problematic for no apparent reason. The Soul Calling.

If you can link into this precious life force energy and utilise it then there is an abundance of clarity, joy, peace and purpose just beyond your current scope of reach.

Soul Journey work is so wonderfully nourishing and fulfils your life purpose on ways that your logical mind will never be able to get to.

Remember, you don’t have to know the whole path, you just have to take the first step on the road.

Thank you for reading The Soul Calling.


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