Importance of Self Love

Importance of Self Love

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Importance of Self Love

Hi All,

I thought I would write a blog today about the importance on doing the work on Self Love.

I life coach and work with the Law of Attraction with many clients and one of the main things that prevent clients from manifesting and generating with ease and joy is the root ‘I’m not good enough’ program that they have running in their subconscious.

From the roots of the  ‘I’m not good enough’ program sprout their own personal belief blockers which are held in manifest by each and every life experience that validates this as their ‘truth’. Together we work through the core beliefs to break down that tangled mass of their own personal story.

However, there is a lot of stuff you can do outside the deep dive work we do in sessions.

Let me ask you these questions and see how they make you feel ;

~Do you LOVE yourself ?

Are you conditioned (running a program) to believe that loving yourself is selfish, arrogant, egotistical , big headed etc. If so you may be very self critical and your best will never be good enough. You will set the bar higher for each of your life goals (= continual failure mindset).

~ Do you RESPECT yourself ?

Are you conditioned (running a program) to believe that your self care / self growth or personal choices are indulgent and fanciful or soul seeking ? If you do then you may go through the whole of your life never really finding your ESSENCE. This is the very core of soul journey program work. Over time this lack of respect for your needs leads to physical illness manifestation .

~ Do you HONOUR yourself ?

Are you conditioned (running a program) to believe that your own needs do not matter , or if they do then you are called out or feel like you are being selfish. If you do then you may go through life feeling unfulfilled as you stand on the sidelines of your own life. Over time this leads to bitterness and resentment later in life as over time our dreams , goals and passions slowly fade away into the distance.

~Do you VALUE yourself ?

Are you conditioned (running a program) to believe that others are more valuable than you are , that others must come first etc. If you are then you may find in life you can become a people pleaser and this will allow your energy to zapped…. FAST!

We can also give our power away when we do not value ourselves and over time we become weak willed. Over time this lack of respect for your needs leads to depression,  low energy and  auto immune conditions.

~Do you ACCEPT ?

Who you are both in the physical, and at the deeper layers of your who you are ?

You cannot truly be loved by others until you update these programs . When you learn to accept yourself, to honour yourself, to value yourself and to deep dive into that ….that my beautiful beings is when you really start to manifest.

Here is how I see it ;

  • We ALL have a back story.
  • We ALL have traumas.
  • We ALL have significant life changing events.
  • We are ALL 100% human so we WILL be effected when we have our trauma , drama , life changing event etc.

When I work with my clients we recognise and name the event. We then do some deep dive work to move past the FEELINGS of the event.

The ground work and this blog is some things that can help in the bigger picture

What you practice in every day life becomes like the steer of the ship and the more you practice the more your life changes course or direction .

I ask my clients to journal and then over time they have a reflective tool an they can really see (in print!) the changes.

The start is always quite negative and all the reasons why they do not love themselves.

Over time that steer changes and they start to work through the OTHER potentials and possibilities .

What if I mattered ?

What if I didn’t judge myself this way ?

What else is possible ?

How would my life be if I accepted this is where I am now….. and what else may be possible when I do ?

With body image , we have to live with our bodies whether we like it or not …

What is in my control ?

What am I prepared to do about it ?

These are just a few of the things we discuss.

I love it when clients move from a place of ‘I’m not good enough ‘ and step into their mighty POWER .


This is where we get to , the transformations are amazing.

When self care, self love , self esteem (self self self) are all reimprinted and reconnected then the world is your oyster beautiful ones.

~ Can you imagine reaching this place where YOU accept yourself, in all your magnificent glory.

~ Can you imagine seeing yourself as that imperfectly perfect human being that you are , glowing from within.

~ Can you imagine feeling ok , with your imperfections, recognising where you want to maximise your potential and growth and also feeling strong and confident.

You can either be your own best friend or your own worst enemy , either way you life events will happen.

I work with you to be the best version of yourself whilst unblocking those energy drains (like a mind plumber !!!).

Thank you for reading.

If you would like any more information about how Life Coaching, E.F.T , Hypnotherapy, Access Consciousness or any of my other work can help you , then please do contact me.

Jeni x

Be free…Be happy!

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The Importance of Self Love