Heal the Child Within

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Hi Dear Ones,

Welcome back to our blog. Heal the Child Within

As we become adults we can often forget that within each of us there is a part of us that will be operating from a stored memory, belief or trauma that is held within the inner child.

Within the healthy inner child we form a confidence that allows creative play, a sense of curiosity ,wonder and an untarnished inquisitive mindset.

Within the wounded inner child we may identify play as silly, pointless or embarrassing. We may use alcohol or drugs to ‘loosen’ or ‘free’ the inner child up to ‘ enforced play’ and our questioning may be critical , judgemental or condemning.

Each of us will have experienced some kind of challenges, difficulties or painful situations in our younger years and unless we have healed the child within then in some way that wounded inner child will be trying to get attention.

Often this is blocked by us and over time this leads to ongoing pain , restlessness and we will experience some emotional suffering if we try to ignore or  ‘numb out’ to soothe the child.

Unless we do the journey work to heal and really come home to ourselves, we can spend our entire life in some mundane place where we try to keep ourselves constantly distracted. Our entire precious life may pass us by with watching tv, shopping, mindless entertainments or using alcohol, drugs or recklessness to get our fix.

When we begin to journey into the inner child we can heal those old patterns and blocks that limit the full light of the essence of life.

The journey is a blessing to take and the rewards are a life that becomes free from limitations of the ego , from burdens and addictions that weigh us down literally and manifest pain and dis-ease within the body.

Thank you for reading.


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