Are humans really intelligent ?

Are humans really intelligent ? …power of the ego .

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Hi all,

It’s been ages since my last post, busy learning about human ego,  the intelligence of the kingdom of plants and animals and it gets me thinking…...Are humans really intelligent , or are we driven by the power of our ego ?

Ego says “Mirror Mirror on the wall…..who really is the most intelligent of us all ?” 

The thing that most separates us from plants and animals in my humble opinion isn’t intelligence, it’s EGO!

Think about it. …..
🤔Plants can survive without humans , ( yet not without animals and insects) any yet we cannot survive without them……..plants literally give us the air we breathe.
This reminds me of the film “Avitar “ …our wonderful ego driven intellect tells us we get to control all life ….so we throw our power around and we forget that by controlling we are also destroying.
We have become so closed we forgot to “feel “ and “ tune in”. In our modern world , most humans have become reactionary creatures rather than responsive creatures ….maybe if we tuned out of our EGO based intellect and used that 6th sense …..well we might not be in quite the pickle we are in now !

🤔Plants have an extremely complex sensory system ( similar to our central nervous system in many ways ) and are capable of gathering infinite amounts of information about the world ( such as light detection, sensing harmful invaders and communication to other plants to defend or re-route growth direction). The brain of the plant kingdom is that amazing root structure.

🤔 Animals have super intelligent systems , for example many birds are able to locate seeds that they have buried the year before .  Their navigation and memory pinpoints , and is able to locate the seed to within millimetres and is able to detect locations of up to 30,000 seeds in up to 10,000 locations. This shows huge capacity for both mathematical calculation and a memory capacity far superior to the human ability ( I barely remember what I had for breakfast !).

🤔 Timeline shows us plants are about 450 million years old , and animals 640 million years old. We are quite young really in the evolution chain . I read a quote recently (Mary Midgley)
“ did Darwin pin up a paper warning himself to be careful when using the words higher and lower “ .

🤔 There is only one way that we have evolved to a greater perceived “ strength” against plants and animals in my humble opinion and that is our power to kill.
We are so highly EGO intelligent that we create guns to shoot animals ( and each other ) , we create poisons to damage plants, animals ( and each other ) , we torture animals ( and each other ) . Notice the theme (of each other) with all of these amazing intelligent powers we have …..makes you wonder whether we should redefine what intelligence really means !



Are humans really intelligent ?
Are humans really intelligent ?
Are humans really intelligent ?
Are humans really intelligent ?
Are humans really intelligent ?
Are humans really intelligent ?
Are humans really intelligent ?
Are humans really intelligent ?

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