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Embracing The Earth – The Shamanic Path

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Embracing The Earth – The Shamanic Path

Hi all,

as many of you know I am currently on a 2 year training programme to become an Eco Shamanic Practitioner.
This month the training involve “The Embrace of the Earth Ceremony” more commonly termed the “ Burial “ traditionally.

I have been asked a lot about this , and I am not surprised at the mixture of responses I have received from this process ….I think in life our fears come from the unknown so I will try to explain more about what “Embracing The Earth “ really means on The Shamanic Path.
As my “Embracing The Earth “ or “Burial” ceremony has yet to happen I thought I would blog both before and after the ceremony as the perspective is often vey different to the experience itself in life.

So “Embracing of the Earth Ceremony” (my before perspectives).

In our lives many of us are looking for a deeper and profound “ something “ and yet we do not really reach out ….to go there and to really challenge ourselves to discover who we really are ……that deep level. We just stay in the mundane.

The Shamans Path teaches you to look beneath the surface , break free from the ego and grow through trusting the hidden senses.

Quite often in the modern world our perception of death is a terrifying one where death is regarded as dark, scary, mysterious, unknown and fearful and whilst we all know that this death is an event which comes to each and everyone of us , it is something we avoid talking about or giving it attention because of our lack of information ( therefore fear ) about it.
Ancient cultures did not look upon death as a fearful enemy, it was embraced, celebrated and seen as the transition to growth, rebirth and a positive friend.

The “ Embracing The Earth “ ceremony on the shamanic path is ultimately about releasing fears into the earth and allowing yourself to be reborn to live fearlessly from the centre of your truth.
This process strips away our fears of life , the ego , the mundane , aging , illness etc.

Through the “ Embracing the Earth “ ceremony the awareness of our “burial or little death  “ can be utilised to expand our consciousness, to learn from this seemingly mysterious event to bring the wisdom back into our daily life and live with a heightened awareness and drop out of fears.
Awareness of our death actually empowers us as we have a much higher level of knowledge.

In “The Embrace of the Earth “Ceremony the shamanic path recognises that there comes a point where we need to release (“ little death of ”) the old Self so that something new, awakened, more powerful, enriching and beautiful can be born and grow.

Burial into the Earth is a sacred ceremony for letting go of the past and accepting the healing , nourishing and blessings of our first mother Earth “ Gaia “ .
It is a celebration of life, an acknowledgement of a new future, and a stripping away of the past hurts, fears and ego.

Look out for my blog in a couple of weeks giving you an insight into the actual “Embracing The Earth “ ceremony.










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