Be Free, Be Happy!

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Hi All, Be Free, Be Happy! Welcome back to our blog – Be Free, Be Happy!
Well its now 2020, as a decade ends another begins.
Did you manage it?
Did you achieve what you decided were important goals last year?
Did you let go of those things that are making you unhappy?
Did you….

because its not just about the beginning and the end of the year, its about a constant mindfulness of what your needs are.
That changes. You change.

A few years ago i realised that a lot of my goals were driven by external validations , judgements of how others would perceive me. I realised that i had lost a part of me, a wilder and more carefree person ….when did she disappear?
My goals at that time were around more success in work, loosing weight, pushing fitness to extremes , and denial or removing things from my life that brought me joy (mainly cake !).

I reflected that i had been the ‘perfect’ size /weight , the top of my fitness, rigid and controlled with food (mainly no cake!) and my work had always been successful.
Those goals were just a constant roller coaster of beating myself up , not good enough , denial of my true needs.

I had a become rigid and tight in my thinking. A place of rigid thought is never a good place to be.

I was never present in my own lovely wild self, i was constantly in the past or in the future .I had forgotten how to laugh long and deep and with wild abandon.
Comparing myself to my own silly goals and coming up short. I was controlling and suppressing that inner wild woman and her needs.
My life was dictated my these ridiculous rules , obligations , goals and a level of maintenance that meant i was never really in a place of peace , joy or the juiciness of the pleasures of my own life……i had forgotten ME, my inner wild !

The version of me that didn’t want to live life under these rigid rules (aka goals) …the version of me that wanted to become alive, free and dance to the tune of her own wild drum.

Did you become the wild woman you were born to be i asked myself? Be Free, Be Happy

Not yet, however every morning when the wind catches my hair i twirl just a little wilder , a little freer as i become a little more of what i need to be.

These days my health is still important , i want my body to carry me and serve me well so listen to my body ( She will always want cake!).
I make time to walk every day, no more excessive running and hardcore tyre flipping exercise that damages my knees and hurts my back.
My work is my passion so i now take time back for myself and i learn to say no a little more. Time and space allows my work to thrive and i work less but reap more.

Deep within you i hope this resonates with your inner wild.
You were meant to be WILD, FREE , ALIVE and WHOLE!.
Your life will only be full and happy when you explore and reflect on how much of what you desire is driven by external judgements and not your inner needs.
Dare to let yourself explore your inner wild.
Thank you for reading.

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