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Welcome back to our blog.


Today i wanted to share with you the importance of connecting with your womb energy , or your YONI POWER!.

The yoni or womb is the start of all life , the temple and sacred space. When we are not connected to our sacred womb energy then we begin to loose power here. Over time this can lead to fertility issues, painful menses, lack of orgasm plus many other issues within the physical (plus spiritually we are manifesting from our yoni power).

Throughout history we can see how women have lost , forgotten or feared using this divine goddess energy. 

The word YONI is a Sanskrit word that has been interpreted to literally mean the womb (within my healing work i hold the YONI as all female organs, glands and the bio chemical alchemy that she creates).

When we connect with the temple of our yoni , our womb we are activating our divine essence, our primordial cosmic life force energy , our Shakti.

Shakti is a Hindu word which roughly translates to ‘The Great Divine Mother’ and it is honoured as being responsible for all of creation, manifestation and is the seat of the consciousness of every woman.

So basically as a Shamanic Practitioner and Fertility Method Specialist , i see women every day within my work who have lost their YONI – POWER. 


Think about your own YONI POWER. Let me ask you to think about your own world , your Universe / Yoni-verse…..

  • Is your Yoni – verse filled with juicy fullness or do you feel you are starved of the joys in life ?
  • Is your Yoni – verse one which can manifest with ease and joy or do you feel in lack ? 
  • Is your Yoni – verse sensual and empowered or giving over of your needs and desires ?
  • Is your Yoni – verse creative and in flow or stale and stuck ?

When you begin to work on your womb energy your life begins to stir , arouse and awaken and come to life in so many ways that you cannot even begin to conceive how that energy will change your life in so many ways. 

Thank you for reading.

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