Blocking Beliefs

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Hi All, Welcome back to our blog – Blocking Beliefs

Blocking Beliefs

Have you ever heard this phrase “The language we use becomes the house that we live in.”

Our thoughts shape our words and our words shape our worlds.

How we think and how we speak can have either a positive or negative effects on our lives. Quite often we do not take time to reflect on this but our thoughts are made up of trillions of inherited patterns from every single life experience we have ever had but we do not necessarily take any time out to clear out the clutter.

We all have clutter, those limiting beliefs that we have been carrying around with us from family belief systems and those important connections we make with our tribes and how they influence us throughout our lives.

Family patterns often go under the radar, they are so deeply entrenched. It is these blocking beliefs we have inherited from family patterns that are often the ones that keep you stuck.

When you are holding any limiting belief pattern then this will be preventing you from growing and evolving into the amazing magnificent being that you truly are?

Blocking Beliefs

Some examples of blocking beliefs;

  • Must not get too big for your boots.
  • Men must be strong.
  • Being an Engineer / Builder etc is a mans job.
  • Women should do the cooking and cleaning.
  • Children should be seen and not heard.
  • Money is the root of evil.
  • If you don’t go to church you will go to hell.
  • Sex is dirty or wrong.
  • Women who dress to show their bodies are ‘asking for trouble’.
  • People with tattoos / piercings / POC / or looking a certain way being judged as inferior in some way.

These limiting belief can not only block us from our dreams, goals, and soul purpose but they can also manifest as illnesses.

If you have a belief that you are wrong, dirty or lower / less than another being in any way then can you imagine how damaging that can be.

Our words and our thoughts have a tremendous power. Our thoughts and words are our WORLD.

So what you choose can motivate, inspire, breathe life into or project you into the best version of yourself.

What you choose may also keep you small, ashamed, guilty or into a place of misery, fear, despair and even manifest as illness.

Are your beliefs a positive platform or a place of limitation.

Thank you for reading.

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