Be in charge of your life and happiness

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How can you be in charge of your life and happiness when there are so many different things to “believe”.

How can you be in charge of your life and happiness when you cannot figure out which one thing is right for you and which one is wrong ?

It can be so confusing to understand which direction to take in life.

I believe we need to look at what resonates in your heart fully to feel in charge of our life path. The heart is an Excellent Guide, however we tend to be stuck in our heads trying to find logic and reason which support our (often mistaken ) beliefs which  can lead to negativity or hold us back and stop us achieving true magnificence.

We must remember that others are not responsible for our happiness and in turn we do not have responsibility for other peoples “choices or beliefs”, but it is important to be aware that we will plant seeds of change in everything single action….everything we do as what we do affects not only us but will also have some sort of impact on others too which is why actions from the heart are the truest and purest actions and lead to the greatest things for us (and therefore others)….its a ripple effect.

Self awareness and connecting with yourself  is all about knowing how your feelings, thoughts and actions interact with each other and that you are a manifestor (or creator) of your own life journey. You effect everything around you, ( the law of cause and effect which you can read more about in my other self help blogs).

Be in Charge of your life and create LOVE in every moment….live the life you love and love the life you live….from your heart. Be in the moment as all there ever is is this moment NOW.

Beliefs may be keeping you in a false place, you are NOT your beliefs.

Have you even stopped to think why you have the beliefs you have ?


Have you questioned whether they are REALLY yours ,  mostly they are not!

Even though we may not be able to change our belief systems in a moment as some of those are anchored very deeply within us, be aware of those beliefs and where they are holding you back.

Do you notice how we take on worry and negativity when we can’t get away from informing people of what has happened in our world and what is happening right now. The impact of social media on our beliefs (everyones life looks better than mine ?).

Its important to  be in the present moment , the “ NOW” . If you are living with your ego in control then it  will do its best to get you to believe things which actually  have very little importance in terms of your true path of heart / happiness and and you will feel negativity and drained or stressed out by these ego driven states of mind. Focus on things that support your vision, truth and heart felt desires. Inspire love within yourself and this will in turn inspire others (your outer world mirrors your internal world).

The future you desire is in your making.…is this a big statement that you cannot grasp or dare to  believe ?

“EGO beliefs” come from fear and negativity and what people  project or see outwardly is a reflection of  their inner fears , not coming from a place of internal connection with the hear and therefore true love.

You can´t be in an EGO state if you are anchored and living in and from your true heart (not head ) desires.

If you don’t know what to believe in …….Believe in nothing and embrace everything! Be free!!!

Beliefs can be updated and replaced. In a heartbeat if we allow it.

What you focus on will Grow. Choose what you want for your beliefs as action follows thought and like attracts like. ”

I hope you find some resonance with this post.

Have a great day!

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Be free…Be happy!


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