How to find the right therapist for you ….

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How to find the right therapist for you …...

I often get clients who are feeling vulnerable , out of balance , low self esteem and generally not feeling confident about where they are . Often they feel let down by the medical profession and even by past therapists. It is so important to find a suitably qualified and professional therapist who is right for you. I have put together some tips which i hope will help you……

What should I look for in a therapist?

There are many qualities that make a good therapist, of course their training and ongoing commitment to training is one of the key things . I personally keep all of my qualifications listed on my webbie and have only 4 months of the year (max) non training as it is important to me (and i have a big book of certificates if anyone needs to see them!!). Check how long  and the depth in which they have trained which will help you decide. Do not be afraid to ask for the qualifications and length of training  and a credible therapist will be part of a federation or association ( such as F.H.T ). Check they are insured also.

Another important thing is how you connect…anyone can learn however you will get the best out of your therapy session if you connect with the therapist. You should feel better after your FIRST session! If you ever feel uncomfortable or unhappy with your therapist, or you’re not sure whether something is appropriate, stop your treatment and find another therapist. You will save yourself a lot of time and money.

If your therapist is judgemental or dismissive of other therapies then be aware of this. Again sadly i hear often clients telling me that therapists ‘down talk’ other therapies. A good therapist should NEVER impose their beliefs onto you. All therapies are valuable otherwise they wouldn’t be there! What one person may respond to however may be different to what another feels benefits from (the same applies for every aspect of life…i love kale , however i would not suggest for one moment that it is the only green veggie that will benefit you!!!). I recommend initial consultations with all my prospective clients so we can see if we feel right to work together. If i do not feel a client is right for me to take on for whatever reason (whether this is connection, experience in the issue, the clients readiness for transformation etc) i will refer them on.

How you experience complementary therapies is very personal. Recommendations from others is always a great marker, however people can seek the same therapy and experience very different results as it is such an individual experience.

You may want to ask whether the therapist has had any specialist training or experience working with people who have similar issues or needs to your own.

A good therapist will signpost you if they feel another therapist may be better equipped to help. Here at Peace Of Mind Health we have a pool of therapists who we refer on to as we believe that helping people feel better about themselves is the essence and is one of our core values.

It is important that your therapist has a wide range of understanding of pathologies as well as complementary health and medical health to ensure they can think about the whole triad of health and not pigeon hole you.

The best way to choose a therapy / therapist  is to go with your gut feeling, or what you are drawn to. Be aware of any therapist who tries to hard sell you loads of stuff !!!! There is a fine line between enhancing what your body needs to enhance your health and wellbeing and taking advantage of you!  Remember, you can always change your mind and pursue something different.

Here at Peace Of Mind Health we are fully trained and highly experienced in mind, body , energy and soul work.

I hope you find this post useful.

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