Clean 9 System cleanse and weight loss

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FINAL STATS of my Clean9 weight loss success journal.
Posted on 30 May 2013 08:16
Hi All,

So on Tuesday i decided to cleanse my system ready for my holiday and so i am using the forever living clean 9 cleansing system for this.
I love forever living products (and do recommend and sell them to my clients along with natures sunshine) and the gel is probably one of the best things i can recommend to anyone.

Anyway i thought i would blog my progress, as i believe only in offering my clients products like this which are tried and tested. Personally i am doing this for a system clean i dont really have much weight to loose (a couple of lbs before my holiday will be good though) What i’m finding this far is that i’m going to loose weight whether i want to or not.

I have some before and after pictures from successful clients on the weight loss page if you want to see the successes.
Also if you contact me directly i will be able to offer you a discount off the RRP of this programme plus i am offering a free lifestyle analysis and nutritional support .

Day 1. – lost 1.6lbs
I know that the first 2 days are the hardest as this is the beginning of the phase and the body is adjusting. I have a lot of aloe gel through the day and a balanced protein shake. I expect to feel hungry but i’m very surprised that i am not at all.
I did waver and had some extra (soy) milk in the morning as i find it hard to take tablets on an empty stomach.
I distracted myself from meal times by doing other things. I feel good and not tired.

Day 2 – lost 2.0lbs (3.6lbs total)
Again today i really started to think about how we eat because someone offers us food or because it is ‘time’ to eat and not really because we are hungry.
Again i had a little extra soy milk for the first thing in the morning tablets, not hungry at all but i do feel a little more tired today . Slept like a log!

Day 3- lost 1.5lbs (5.1lbs total)
This morning i felt very tired, but today i have extra protein shakes and i also get 600 calories of meal so i know that the worst is over. I can’t believe how i do not feel hungry at all. I expected to be highly anticipating my meal and i struggled to eat the full meal.


Day 4- lost .4lbs (5.5lbs total)
What i am realising is how different this is – i have done body cleanses before as i like the Ayurvedic principle of rebalancing the organs to get them to work smarter but i have never lost weight like this – just water weight. I am now my ‘happy / ideal’ weight so i am personally going to try to increase the calories as i have another 5 days and do not want to loose much more.
The garcinia is the one that is melting old fat,
Also i realised as i ate my main meal for my evening meal this is probably better (for me) to eat earlier as i had energy and then did nothing with it, as a result i did not sleep too well. For my lifestyle that may need to be eaten before 4:00pm so i can burn it off.
Day 5- – Lost 0.5lbs (6lbs total)
Ok so i wanted a lie in this morning but seem to have a lot of energy which is not at all what i expected as i am eating so much less.
I ate earlier yesterday to try to counterbalance the nighttime energy and this worked as i slept well (just woke early!!) I over exceeded the calorie amount (on purpose ) as i don’t really want to loose too much weight as this is a cleanse for me.
What i am really noticing (or maybe imagining…either way i like it :O) ) is that my body looks more defined which to me is not water weight . As i mentioned yesterday the garcinia uses old fat stores by inhibiting the enzyme which converts carb into fat . It also contains also chromium which is a mineral which if we are deficient in we tend to crave sugary foods .As chromium deficiency causes fatigue and excess fat production this is probably also why i have so much energy!!!

Day 6 – 8 – Lost 1.0lbs (7lbs total)

Catching up with you on my cleanse tracking as the weekend has been busy and i had a few system errors on the blog.
So i feel cleansed, really full of energy and it really hasn’t felt like i have had to give up on much …..i have to admit though it has been the weekend and i have had a glass or 2 of red wine and also i had a couple of coffees….yikes….so i still feel great but i guess it could have been even better!!! I still lost some weight although i have eaten more than 600calories and had a ittle detour 1.0 lbs over the weekend.
Final weigh in tomorrow and again i have been up without my alarm every day.

Day 9 – Lost 0.3lbs (7lbs 3 total)

So the end is finally here, i have been surprised at how easy it has been after the first couple of days it really is not at all difficult. I lost 3inches from my waits so i am very happy with that, i also lost 1 inch from my upper arm and thigh!! So naw i feel so much better and i really think this is going to be a summer and winter must for me…i cannot recommend this with nutritional guidance enough!!!

I have some before and after pictures from successful clients on the weight loss page if you want to see the successes. Also if you contact me directly i will be able to offer you a £20 discount off the RRP of this programme plus i am offering a free lifestyle analysis and nutritional support if you need it through the programme .

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  1. Hey Jenni,

    Did you not find the lack of solid food an issue? When I have done slim fast and the likes before, even though I had “eaten” I could still feel my stomach churning and felt unsettled which is why I didn’t last long…


    1. Hi Hazel,

      Not at all , it is different from slim fast as it is a total body overhaul. It has combination of garcinia tablets (melt old stubborn fat), bee pollen (stamina , vitality, energy and vits and minerals and works with the immune system ,Protein shakes (which not only have ratios supplemental value but amino acids, vits and minerals too) plus the pure grade aloe gel which has a multitude of cleaning effects and 19 amino acids as well as soluble and insoluble fibre (i advise this for most digestive disorders and it soothes the digestive tract).
      So this is not at all comparable to slim fast , its like comparing a bike with a ferrari….!!!
      The churning from slim fast is because you are not filling the bulk within the stomach with the right fibres and slim fast works because of the restrictive portion and calorie control rather than it ‘filling or satisfying you’. Hope that answers your question.

  2. A friend of mine informed me about your blogging and I realize why they were going on and on about it. It’s not often that I take out time to comment on a blog but it’s so quality that you practically made me! Two Thumbs Up!!

    1. Hi

      Many thanks, add me into your favourites and share with your friends and social media sights to make sure that this advice gets to as many people as possible!

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