Common weight loss myths and truths

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Myth – Eating fat makes you fat
TRUTH –  food which is high  in omega 3 fatty acids and saturated fats are linked to lower rates of obesity and better overall health. Good fats help to build healthy cell membranes to utilise good hormonal  signals which  manage metabolism.
Diets rich in good fats (saturated and omega 3), anti-oxidants, electrolytes and trace minerals de-inflame the body and allow for proper insulin/leptin signaling resulting in weight loss, stable energy and disease prevention.
Myth – Low fat cereal ‘diets’ are a good way to drop a dress size.
TRUTH –  Many breakfast cereal are  simple carbs which is sugar. Starting the day on protein such as eggs or COMPLEX  carbs such as whole GRAIN bread with beans or porridge will be more helpful than starting on sugar  (which in turn will lead to insulin resistance which is going to make long term weigh loss harder)
Myth – Im always on the go, at the gym, i hardly eat i should be burning all my fat off.
TRUTH – Stress triggers something called progesterone which triggers our craving sensors.  A stressful lifestyle (this includes stressing the mind, excessive exercise, too much caffeine or diet drinks and lack of sleep )   will  stimulate cortisol production and adrenal fatigue  which can impact on effective weight loss.
Myth – Low fat foods / ”fat free” foods prevent weigh gain.
TRUTH –  fat free mainly means it has a higher sugar contant (which just turns to fat anyway). In addition to this all of the false sugars (saccharin, sucralose,  Acesulfame Potassium, maltose, dextrose, aspartame….brand names like  sweet n low, splenda etc etc ) ….whatever you want to call this gunk is just a false product which our body doesnt recognise and therefore it messes up our hormonal system (see above insulin resistance, thyroid function etc ) . This in turn means our system doesn’t know what is ‘real sugar and ‘ fake sugar’ it just ends up encapsulating what it registers as ‘ foreign matter’ in a layer of fat ….AKA CELLULITE!!
Myth –  Excessive exercise is better
Most people believe that running long distances and lifting light weights for many repetitions is good and that running 10K’s and marathons are healthy.
TRUTH –  long distance cardiovascular exercise increases cortisol secretions which inflame the body and damage joints & ligaments leading to injury/over-training and possible weight gain. Also cortisol (released from the adrenals) is what we release when we are stressed so we are stressing the body out.
High intensity, short time period training boosts growth hormone that allows the body to build muscle, burn fat and build a greater anti-oxidant reserve. Train 4-5 days a week for 10-20 minutes each session at a very high intensity.
Myth – I feel good so I must be healthy
TRUTH –  is that every cell is hit by over 10,000 free radicals every second. We never feel this. The heart rebuilds all 60 billion cells every 7 months. We never feel this. Between 10,000 and 100,000 cancer cells are building in our body every day. We never feel this. Eat as much organic, free range, grass fed meat and  non farmed fish produce as you can afford.  Eat food in its natural state. The more ingredients on the label the less healthy it is.
Myth – It doesn’t matter what i do i cannot loose weight. My metabolism is slower than everyone else’s.
TRUTH – Simple equation is what i eat  plus (+) or minus ( -)  what i use in energy (or metabolise)   will equal  (= )
a) weight loss
b) weight gain
c) weight stabilising
Portion control and removing ‘fake food’ from your diet is the key to both long term health and weight management.  I mentioned earlier about the hormonal system being out of balance which is just a case of ‘rebooting’ and once that has happened the above comes back into play. Most of us have gone off  the path of listening and understanding our bodies which is why my programmes are so effective as whether you have lost sight of portion control or need a ‘reboot’ we get you back on the path to health and wellbeing.