Clinical Reflexology can improve your chances of having a baby

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Can clinical Reflexology help improve chances of having a baby ?

I am a clinical Reflexologist and i will work on a treatment plan which will give your body the best balance for overall health, de-stressing and generally preparing your body to give you the best chances of conceiving. In fact research papers have found that adding a complementary therapy such as Reflexology can increase the chances of conceiving by up to 50% (also hypnotherapy is a wonderfully powerful tool to help the process). I am fully trained in both fields.

I have specialist training within the field of Pregnancy, maternity and all aspects of hormonal health have seen countless cases during my years in this field. I am also trained in Hypnotherapy , Nutrition and Counselling (you can check the qualifications tab for more detailed information of my comprehensive training).

Reflexology can be such a wonderful aid to many of my clients for both preparing the body for having a baby and then throughout the pregnancy itself so you and baby blossom into good health and ease of labour together!

We can work within your cycles for preparation for you to conceive and our aim is to also improve your egg health for fertility. Did you know that you need to consider a 90 day period even before an egg is ovulated, as the eggs are changing and preparing for ovulation. The eggs and the quality can be affected by stress, nutrition, healthy blood flow and hormonal balance. We help you with all of these things.

Reflexology is also useful to improve overall body and lymphatic drainage which can impact on how your body releases toxins and also cell regeneration.

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