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Do you ever find that you do not have enough energy , or maybe you feel tired lethargic or find that you are always over tired even though you have had plenty of sleep .  Maybe you feel demotivated or just run down ?

There are a number of reasons you may feel this way . Often we do not listen to our bodies and some simple checks could have a massive affect on boosting your energy levels without too much effort at all.

1. Check your hydration levels – We are over 70% water and we need a good 2 litlres of pure water for our body to function correctly. Anything other than water has to be processed as food would be putting extra stress on the vital organs. Its fine to drink other liquids but be clear with yourself . You still need water on top of those other liquids. Coffee and Alcohol are massively dehydrating so you need double the amount (for every cup of coffee you need 2 glasses of water) to rehydrate.  If you work out you also need 2 glasses of water prior to the workout, more during and another 2 glasses after workout. .

2. Sleep – This is quality sleep, so your room needs to be dark, free from electronic interference (such as mobile phones, pods and pads, PC’s , TV’s and anything that gives off a light).  Over time if we do not get good quality sleep adrenal fatigue can set it. Try meditation techniques to help you. A good quality meditation of 20 minutes is worth at least 2 hours sleep.

3. Right Nutrition – Do you eat breakfast ? make sure you get good quality lean protein (such as that from organic chicken, turkey and fish and pulses). Reduce red meat consumption which can stress the body and try to buy organic produce and no processed foods (packet and readymade) which will lead to toxic waste matter build up. Choose complex carbohydrates such as porridge (to replace cornflakes, toast, or sugary cereals), sweet potatoes (to replace white) brown rice (to replace white rice and pasta) and at all costs avoid cakes, crisps , sweets and  junk food. Also aspartame laden ‘sugar free’ drinks and foods may lead to symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Try coconut water, mineral waters instead.

4. Happy Vitamins  -Seratonin naturally exists in kiwi fruit,, bananas, sour cherries, pineapples, tomatoes and plums . VITAMINS C,B12 and D Omega 3 are all important. If you cannot get from food then invest in a very good quality vitamin and mineral supplement.  Iron deficiency should also be checked and iron-rich foods include  liver, shellfish, beans, and enriched cereal.

5. Check for underlying conditions such as Thyroid issues, anaemia, medications , ME, CFS, Fibromyalgia & Diabetes.  See a GP if you are concerned.

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